Current HOPE Projects

  • Roma HOPEBase team in Hungary working to reach Roma (Gypsies) of Eastern Europe.
  • Lao HOPEProduction Team in Thailand. Original Lead Partner passed away midway through project. His wife felt called to finish the project. Will be released in 2018.
  • Undisclosed Middle East ProjectLead partner for this project had set backs from Hurricane Maria. Script is being translated by team in country. High Security Issues.
  • Undisclosed Asia ProjectPolitical persecution very real for this team. Pray for safety.
  • Indonesian HOPEMultiple versions of The HOPE in development to reach Muslims and disciple Christians.
  • HOPE For India (14 Languages) Our largest project ever. Many scripts completed this year.
  • Yao HOPElocal church in Houston working with in-country church planters to reach 1 of 3 UPG in Malawi.
  • Guarani HOPEBase team in Paraguay, team is currently raising funds for project.
  • Quechua HOPEA new team working in Peru. Pre-production beginning in 2018.


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